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February 27, 2014
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The Firefly Group helps people use everyday situations for learning and connecting to the Big Picture. After working with Firefly, you will be energized with specific action steps to achieve your goals.

We do this through training of trainers, leadership development, performance improvement training, strategic planning, writing training manuals, and clarification of organizational mission and vision. Our methods are engaging, thought-filled, and results-oriented.

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February 2014

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Get the Feeling A Culture of Appreciation in Your Organization

Appreciation Scarcity

Snowball Effect


Say It Quick

Get the Feeling
"There's no snow," moaned my daughter. "It doesn't feel like Christmas!" With balmy temperatures and a week of rain, even the holiday lights looked mud-streaked and dingy. It did not feel like Christmas. My friend Dave said, "I loved the magical feeling of Christmas as a kid. But that feeling has passed. Now I realize that Christmas felt magical because of what other people were doing."

When we don't feel "in the mood" we become disappointed, discouraged. We forget that situations change only when we act.

If we start acting like "Christmas" the feeling will come.



Connect: Create a Culture of Appreciation in your Organisation
How often do people thank each other for their contributions in your organization? To what extent does your organization have a culture of appreciation?

If you can't answer these questions, or if you think they aren't important to your bottom line, consider these statistics:

"Recent U.S. Department of Labor data shows that the number one reason people leave their job is that they do not feel appreciated. According to a Gallup poll, 65 percent of workers say they didn't receive a single word of praise or recognition in the past year." -- Noelle C. Nelson, author of The Power of Appreciation in Business

"A decade of research shows happiness is seriously good for business. Happiness raises nearly every key business indicator: 33% higher profitability (Gallup), 43% more productivity (Hay Group), 37% higher sales (Shawn Achor), 300% more innovation (Harvard Business Review)." -- Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

These facts are taken from Connect: Create a Culture of Appreciation in your Organisation, a 42-page booklet with 52 activities to infuse your organization - or yourself - with an appreciative spirit. Each activity is brief, inventive, fun, and flexible enough to inspire the creation of your own acts of thankfulness.

Connect is the brainchild of Stephanie Pollack, M.A. who is an Instructor in Communication of the University at Buffalo State, University of New York at the Singapore Institute of Management. Working with a team of students, Pollock has assembled activities that demonstrate appreciation in four categories:

Connect is a quick start for building appreciation with solid suggestions to make being thankful a positive habit in your organization. It's available on-line and it's free.

Connect: Create a Culture of Appreciation in Your Organisation. http://connect.creativefacilitations.com/, Stephanie Pollack, M.A., Stephanie'at'CreativeFacilitations.com



Appreciation Scarcity
Perhaps you experience a regular sense of appreciation for your work or your contributions around the house and in your community. Perhaps you are known for your consistent thanks and the ease with which you offer positive, helpful feedback. But, perhaps not. If the statistics cited above are correct, most of us don't feel appreciated as often as we'd like. And that means most of us also are not expressing our appreciation as often as we should.


I have some ideas.

So how can we counteract these barriers that keep us from appreciating others? One solution is suggested by the 99-Word Story. With so many hindrances to appreciation, it's no use waiting to "get the feeling." Start acting like you appreciate others now. After a few instances, your efforts will snowball until you really do feel like "Christmas."



Snowball Effect
Here is an activity I created after being inspired by Connect. Use it to accomplish three things: 1) Escalate positive feelings about your organization; 2) Practice expressing appreciation; and 3) Have fun. Appreciation is contagious so to become more thankful, begin acting thankfully.

Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Number of people: six or more
Materials: Papers and pens or pencils

Procedure: Distribute at least two papers and a writing instrument to each person. Ask people to rate their level of appreciation or happiness with your organization on a scale of 1 to 5 with five being extremely satisfied. Write it on a paper and keep it secret.

On a separate sheet, ask people to write something they genuinely appreciate about your organization. What makes them feel good about being a member of this organization? Ask them to write clearly so that others else can read it. Have them wad their paper into a ball. On the count of three, everyone toss their ball into the air to create a snowstorm.

Ask people to pick up a snowball, open it, and read it to themselves. Have people silently walk around the room with their paper showing it to others while reading the papers that others have.

After a few moments, invite several people to read their papers aloud for the whole group. They can read what they have, restate something they read on a different paper, or make up something new on the spot.


Next, ask people to think again about their level of happiness or appreciation with your organization overall. Have them rate their happiness level (1-5) for a second time and mark it on their secret paper as before. Ask people to take a moment of personal, private reflection. Has their rating gone up, down, or stayed the same?


Ask people to take another moment of personal, private reflection and consider: To what degree has your own level of happiness increased or your mood become more positive? If it has improved, how do you explain that? If it hasn't improved, what might you do going forward?

If you give this activity a try with your team, please !



If you like what you have read in this issue, I would like to bring the same innovation, creativity, and playfulness to your next meeting or learning event.

Whether you need a keynote speaker, or help with strategic planning, performance improvement, or training facilitators and trainers in your organization, I look forward to your call (802.257.7247) or .

-- Brian

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