Reflective Practice with GURU

The most effective learning comes from experience because it's tailored to our personal needs, GURU Questions Handout (c) 2006 Brian Remerit's immediate, and it's emotionally charged. Though we tend to value classroom learning more, experience can actually provide dozens of teachable moments every day - if we take advantage of those moments to maximize the lessons.

Reflective practice is a way to systematically analyze experiences to get the most learning out of a situation. GURU is a series of questions anyone can use to initiate their own reflective practice. You can learn more about GURU by reading my white paper, "Developing Your Inner GURU," which is an excerpt from The Handbook of Experiential Learning, edited by Mel Silberman and published by Pfeiffer, 2007 (ISBN-13: 978-0-7879-8258-4).

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