A Game to Teach the
Dynamic Process of
Person-Centered Planning

Are you wondering how to focus the attention of professionals on the people they support? Is your circle or team looking for fresh ideas? Would you like to design a plan to reach your own goals? Then DreamQuest just might be the fun answer to your questions!

DreamQuest is a board game used to teach a six-step process for person-centered planning. It is ideal for support coordinators, support staff, family members, teams and circles as well as people with disabilities.

We all know it, person-centered planning is, . . . well, . . . personal. It must be tailored to the individualís situation. Family members, friends and people in support roles give input, act as a reality check, and help carry out the personís plan. However, to insure maximum input and control by the person being served, certain key steps need to be followed. DreamQuest teaches this process in a lively, challenging format.

With DreamQuest you can . . .

DreamQuest teaches the process of person-centered planning in a lively, challenging format. It can be used on its own or combined with other activities in a person-centered planning workshop.

Includes game board, tokens, 120 game cards, instructions, and facilitatorís guide.

Cost: $79 plus $7.50 shipping and handling.

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