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Select 1959 Cadillac Parts

Parts from a 1959 Cadillac $2000 or best offer.

These parts had been built into a large sculptural couch and could be used for that again, reworked into different furniture or art pieces, or used as parts in a vehicle restoration project.

When built as a sculptural piece, the couch consisted of tail fins welded onto the front and back bumpers in such a way that the seating area took up the area that had been the trunk of the original car. People could enter the couch by stepping over the rear bumper into the trunk area, a space of about 5ft. by 5ft.


Main pieces include:

Also included:


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figure 1










figure 2






figure 3
Left tail fin welded to headlight








figure 4
View of figure 3 from opposite side









figure 5
Right tail fin









figure 6
Chrome accent pieces for headlights, fins, trunk, wheel covers






figure 7
Chrome headlight trim







figure 8
Various chrome pieces








figure 9
Interior pieces







figure 10







figure 11








figure 12